Which Phone Carriers Are Compatible?

phone carriers
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When looking to buy a used phone off of BuyandCell or Craigslist, you may notice that many titles are labeled with the phone’s carrier. Phone carriers are important factors when considering to buy a used smartphone.

A common scenario is when you see the perfect smartphone at an affordable price, then you notice this perfect phone is locked to a different carrier than your sim card. An extremely common question is then asked; will my sim card work with other phone carriers?

compatible phone carriers

All of the main Canadian phone carriers are compatible with each other (Bell, Rogers, Telus, and Virgin), along with most of the smaller Canadian carriers. However, before using any sim card with a network locked smartphone, you must unlock the smartphone.

A simple and cost effective way to unlock your smartphone is to visit Cell Unlocker online. A few days after you enter the requested information to Cell Unlocker, they will email you a unique unlock code. To unlock your smartphone with an unlock code follow these simple steps.

  1.  Factory reset your smartphone.
  2. Insert a sim card locked to a different carrier than your smartphone.
  3. Once the phone allows you to enter a code, enter the unlock code that Cell Unlocker emailed you.
  4. Enjoy being able to use any phone carrier on your smartphone!

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